Did you know human brain has over 1 petabyte of storage?

We were always fascinated with certain part of our body which is called brain.As technology advances,so does our understanding of brain functionalities and capabilities,which impacts our everyday life without us even knowing.In last couple of years scientists discovered that brain consists of over 100 billion neurons and each one makes around 1000 connections to other neurons which brings us to number close to 100 trillion.Okay,that number doesn’t even sound comprehensible ,but what does that number even mean?It is important to notice that our brains storage doesn’t only store things like facts and faces,but also stores your character,logical thinking and generally everything you are not aware of.I won’t go into neuroscience mumble jumble,as it is complicated as it can possibly be.Most recent estimations shows ,as i said in my title,that human brain has somewhere close to 2.5 terabyte of storage which is astounding number.Even the most recent hard disks support only couple of terabytes,and petabyte is way ahead of it.

Did you know space is completely silent?

Science fiction somehow led us to believing that space is very loud,full of clashing sounds of meteorites,asteroids and other celestial beings in space.But that is not the case.Why is that?Well,i don’t know did you pass your physics class in highs school but you should at least know that sound needs some medium to pass trough.For example air or water.If there is no medium there is no sound,pretty simple.And since space is in vacuum and there is no atmosphere,it is pretty lonely and quiet.But astronauts can still be in contact with radios,as radio waves can still be sent and received.So if you ever thought of going into space,don’t forget the radio transmitter.

Did you know almost 80% of all life on Earth is underwater?

Yes,you read it right.Estimations show that only about 20% of life is actually on land.Why is this number so hard to believe?We all know ocean is vast place and great number of species live in oceans(80 percent actually)but it seems kinda unbelievable that what we see is only small portion of wildlife on Earth.The reason for that seems to be that oceans are unexplored almost in its entirety .Only about 10 percent of seas and oceans has been explored,and that is no surprise as the average depth of ocean is almost 4000 meters(3,750 to be precise).Great majority of species lives in underwater spaces which are inaccessible to humans without very advanced equipment.Actually,more people visited the Moon than Mariana Trench(deepest underwater point).That says everything.There are creatures and plants humans probably never heard of,living in depths with no light and and hydrostatic pressure so high that could crash a car.Oceans are still great mystery to us and it will probably stay that way for years to come.

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