One more anime guessing quiz,which goes by the picture this time.Dont mind this girl that is laughing at you,you can do it

Quiz for experts only.For people who watched anime for a long time.I advise you.It is hard


Is one sentence enough for you to find out the right name of the anime?We will go easy on you,but be warned,its not easy as you think

With the amount of anime that is being produced every month,it is not easy to keep track on all of them.This quiz includes some iconic characters,try to guess them!

Even if you are not familiar with anime,you probably know a word or two from Japanese language.Try it yourself,i guarantee you will know couple!

Quiz includes some classics that every anime lover should know.If you are a real man of culture,you should ace this

If you think anime and real life Japanese culture do not differ,you are in for a shock.Or maybe not.This quiz will tell you everything

All of us have some hero we admire.Be it from movies games or in this case anime.Solve quiz and check out do you live up to your ideal hero