Buildings that represent history which managed to survive throughout whole centuries,some even milleniums Do you know any of them?

40 questions quiz that covers almost all branches of geography.From bio geography to social geography,geomatics and more.If you ever considered yourself as true geographer,this is the thing for you!

Yes indeed,this is also a branch of geography.Except diamond,do know any of them?

This far continent for most of us seems like totally another planet.Are you one of them?

Quiz consists of countries not so known to majority of people,as they are countries mainly from Africa and Asia.If you are geography nerd,definitely try it!

American states are well known all around the world,but capital cities?Not so much.Do you have what it takes to guess all of them?

Ever since old Egyptians invented them,they have been part of everyday life .Knowing your country`s currency is enough,but it is never bad to know a bit more.

There are always certain characteristics every nation has.Which of these characteristics do you posses?

Often considered as the symbol of the country,flags represent country`s  history,national richness and usually battle for freedom. Do know any of them?

Often called the Earth`treasure,waters represent almost 80% of all surface on Earth.It is no surprise some of them are extraordinary.Dive into the quiz and see do you know these!

Since for majority of people,African continent is still a mystery,it is no surprise their cities are not very well known.Combine that and their hard to pronounce words,and you have the answer why is this quiz hard!