As the saying goes:˝ Hard times create strong menStrong men create good timesGood times create weak men˝.And which one are you?

You do not need to be politically knowledgeable to guess these figures,since most of them changed the course of history,even if you are not American

From its glory days in 2nd century to its sad destruction in 14th century,how well are you familiar with one of the greatest empires in history of humanity?

One of the most memorable and tragic years in human history that changed the way we think .Knowing thing or two about it is common knowledge,but are you the real deal?

Not every historical event is known and it will probably never be,but the most important ones are always recorded in some way.Do you know them?

Throughout course of history,there were always people who stood out from the rest.They impacted history in certain ways,some of them for better and some of them for worse.